Classes Schedule

Properly maintained firearms are safe firearms that hold their vaule!  So, protect your investment!  Introducing something new for 2016.  Ready Aim Firearms Safety is now featuring firearms maintenance courses.  Our new course line up is designed for people who have their PAL and are now enjoying shooting sports.  Every firearm owner needs to know basic firearms maintenance.  At Ready Aim, we are taking it a step further and this amazing course is designed to lead you through stripping and cleaning most rifles and shotguns, including trigger group disassebbly, cleaning, inspection and reassembly,  This level of maintenance is usually reserved for a Gunsmith however you will now the ability to completely strip and clean your own firearms with the confidence of a Gunsmith!

Our knowledgable instructors are experts in the field and this course is designed to take you, the novice, through th process of stripping and cleaning both non-restricted and restricted firearms with confidence.  Your registration for the Non-Restricted Firearms Maintenance course will include a gun gun cleaning kit, tool kit, nitro solvent, safety glasses, gloves and cleaning mat that you will take home with you at day`s end!  As a follow up, bring your new firearms cleaning kit back with you for the Restricted Firearms Maintenance Course!

So what are you waiting for?  It`s time to end the mystery about firearm aintenance and learn how to care for the firearms that you have worked so hard to acquire. Call us today, for our past students please let us know who you are....we look forward to having you back!