Hunting License & Hunter Safety Course


The Ontario Hunter Education course consists of 10 hours of classroom instruction (when combined with a Canadian Firearms Safety Course).  Ready Aim Firearms Safety would like all students to have first successfully completed the CFSC before attending the Ontario Hunter Education course.  

During the Hunter Education Course, the student learns about the history of our proud hunting heritage, ecology and safe, ethical hunting practices.  They also study identification of wild game, wild game habits and life cycles, hunting techniques, proper shot placement, tracking shot game animals, care and consumption of game meat, respect for wildlife and the wilderness as well as private property.  Hunting laws and regulations with respect to use of firearms and archery equipment are also covered at length.  Further, students learn how to survive in cold weather, choice of appropriate clothing, overland navigation and general wilderness safely.  The course is open to students ages 12 years and older.   A 70 question, multiple choice, open book written exam follows the classroom instruction.  

The cost of this course is $225.00 (HST included) and this price includes your exam and student manual.  Please note that full payment for the course is required on date of booking in order to guarantee your seat.  A major credit card can be provided for this purpose.  Cancellations or changes made to a confirmed course require 8 days prior notice to Ready Aim Firearms Safety Inc. in order to incur only a $20.00 administration fee. Changes made within the 8-day period will be allowed but will be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.  *** Please note: Failing to attend a scheduled course without any prior notice will result in the forfeiture of the entire course cost!

A $20.00 administration fee will be applied to all courses cancelled at the request of the student in order to offset administrative fees charged to Ready Aim Firearms Safety Inc., at the time of receiving payment. 

If you are a student who has been a licenced hunter in another jurisdiction then you may qualify to “challenge” for the course, one time only.  Students who are unsuccessful with the challenge must then attend and pass the entire course in order to be eligible to apply for a hunting licence (H1) with a firearms endorsement.  Hunter education courses are scheduled monthly and additional dates are added according to student demand.


Once you have successfully completed the course you may go forward to your nearest participating "Service Ontario" outlet that sells hunting licences and purchase an Ontario Out of Doors Card with an H1 endorsement, (allows use of firearms including cross bows and other archery equipment) provided that you have already successfully completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (non-restricted).

For more information about obtaining a hunting licence in Ontario please visit the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters website at or look up the Ontario Hunter Education Program at



As of January 22, 2017, safe hunting practices and relevant legislation in relation to wild turkey hunting in the spring and fall will be incorporated into the Ontario Hunter Education Program. There will no longer be any need to order a separate DVD.  


The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (handguns) is an additional 6 hours in length if taken as part of our “combination” course package, or if it is taken within 30 days of successful completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.  If you have completed the non-restricted course somewhere else and now wish to book yourself in with us for this course, just check our calendar for an available date that suits you and then call 905.833.6467, or e-mail us through the "Contact Us" page of this website to confirm your booking!  

This course is also followed by a written test consisting of 50 true or false and multiple-choice questions as well as a practical firearms handling examination.  The cost for this course is an additional $130.00, plus HST and it can only be taken after successful completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety (long gun) Course.




Relax, Ready Aim Firearms Safety Inc. is committed to your success and our courses offer plenty of time for one to one instructor student interaction.  You will be provided with all of the required information to make your experience enjoyable, memorable and rewarding in a casual environment suited to your positive learning experience.









“Combination” CFSC/CRFSC courses typically run on both weekdays and weekends. Seating is limited and weekend courses fill the soonest so, if you would like a weekend course call now to avoid disappointment.  If you are signing up for a combination course your total cost will be $293.80 after applicable HST.  


Student manuals are available at an additional cost of $21.00 (GST Included) per manual from the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario (  Just go on line, supply your credit card number and your manuals will be shipped out to you with no shipping fees! You can also download the manuals for free on line by visiting the Canadian Firearms Program website at


Your class starts with a course overview, introduction to all training firearms and preliminary safe firearms handling demonstrations by your instructor.  Classes begin on Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. sharp and end with written examinations and practical testing following course conclusion.


Students are encouraged to pack your own snacks and lunch. A kitchen compete with microwave oven, refrigerator and dining area is available for your use.  Staying “on site” during lunch break will enhance networking among your instructors and classmates, while affording you more time to handle and become familiar with the training firearms.  You may also choose to slip out and purchase a lunch from one of the many good restaurants located just down the street from the Academy in neighboring King City or Nobleton.  Ready Aim Firearms Inc. is proud to endorse "Cappuccino’s" located in King City, just 5 minutes down the road.


The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course commences at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and concludes following completion of the required written & practical testing.  Please note that examinations and written tests will not be available for candidates attending the restricted course who are under the age of 18 years. Persons under the age of 18 years may attend the Restricted Firearms Safety course for "educational" purposes only. 





Ready Aim Firearms Safety Inc. schedules full courses during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.  Just check our course calendar for a date that suits your needs.




Ready Aim Firearms Inc. no longer conducts course challenges in keeping with recent amendments to the Firearms Act.




The tests that you will be given are the official Canadian Firearms Program examinations and they are administered following the full course.  Candidates must achieve a minimum mark of 80% on both the written and practical examinations to pass successfully.  Should you not be successful in your first attempt you may simply book an appointment to re-take both written and practical exams at a future date.  You DO NOT have to retake the entire course.  The cost of a re-examination is $60.00




If you wish to test your knowledge please feel free to try our free online quiz by clicking the “Challenge Test” tab on this website.





If you choose not to use the services of Ready Aim Firearms Safety Incorporated we encourage you to first verify with your chosen instructor that he/she is designated at law by the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario to teach the course.


Simply ask your proposed instructor to provide you with their ON# issued by the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario.  If they cannot, you can easily verify their designation by making an inquiry with the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario at and clicking the "Find an Instructor" button.  Paying good money to non-designated persons for firearms safety instruction will result in personal disappointment and unnecessary licensing delays due to the fact that your training will not be recognized and you will need to re-take the course before being issued a firearms license.   You may also loose your initial tuition money.


READY AIM FIREARMS SAFETY is a recognized firearms safety training academy that uses ONLY CFO designated, qualified and insured Canadian firearms safety course instructors.





Ready Aim Firearms Safety Inc. provides a full selection of both restricted and non-restricted firearms for training purposes.  Although all guns are real, they have been rendered incapable of shooting live ammunition.  In addition, all ammunition used in training is carefully inspected and approved manufactured “Dummy” ammunition or real ammunition that has been drilled out and rendered incapable of ever firing.




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