"I was not sure what to expect when I went for my gun licence but I have always wanted to go turkey hunting with my Dad.  He heard about Ready Aim Firearms Safety from the internet and got me in a safety course.  I was nervous about taking the tests but they made course so simple and easy to understand i had no trouble by the end of the day!  I had a great time and learned lots about handling guns safely with other guys my age. I can`t wait to take the hunter course and get out with my Dad this fall.


Connor Lytle

"I was just getting ready to take my 15 year old son for his firearms safety course when I heard about Ready Aim Firearms Safety.  I wanted him to get the best possible training and so I took him there.  We had a great day and I was proud to see my son successfully pass his tests with flying colours thanks to the professional, knowledgable instruction that we received.  Thanks to Ready Aim Firearms Safety I know that my son is off to a great start with sport shooting.


Edward Nobles

"I work in the movie industry and my colleague convinced me that having a firearms licence would improve my opportunities to advance into other career paths within filming.  I went with him to Ready Aim Firearms Safety for the non-restricted firearms safety course with no idea of what I was getting myself into.  Wow!, I had no idea how interesting and simple this training was.  Basic firearms safety is something everyone should know about.  I am now looking forward to taking the restricted firearms safety course next, thanks Ready Aim Firearms Safety, you guys are awesome! 


Aleck Duncan

" Just want to say thank-you for teaching a great course that was informative and thorough with lots of hands-on opportunities.  Anthony is a very knowledgeable intructor and I`ll recommend only him to anyone looking to get a firearms licence.  Adding lunch with the course makes the whole experience that much more unique compared to other instructors."


Brent Dimasuay

"I already knew many things about firearms and firearm safety but the instructors at "Ready Aim Firearms Safety" were able to teach me things I did not know while making it an enjoyable experience.  They are very knowledgeable and fun instructors who make the course informative, fun and worth the time you spend there.  The added meal plan was a wonderful idea and fantastic food! I would recommend to my friends and family that Ready Aim Firearms Safety is the place to get your Firearms Licence!"


Connor Giles

"The class was wonderful, the instructors friendly, patient and well informed.  They really put the emphasis on safety but also learning the firearms.  It was really neat to be able to use two different sets of firearms, to see for myself what they mean when they tell you they are different .  For someone like me who has never laid eyes on a gun, I did leave feeling confident and knowledgeable in the course content.  Bruna was spot on with all scheduling, even taking concerns into account that I hadn`t brought up yet.  It was a warm friendly and comfortable environment for learning.  Overall, a fantastic experience that I would easily recommend to anyone."


Christine N

"I recently took the non-restricted and restricted firearms safety courses from Ready Aim and was immensely impressed at the level of prefessionalism and knowledge that Tony and his team demonstrate with each and every student.  The novice will feel confident with the training no matter what purpose the training is for; the "expert" will undo bad habits and "learn it correctly".  The material is facinating even for the sake of general knowledge and the candidate will come away rewarded and proud to have studied under and been trained by the best.  Dr. Sergio Borgia"


Sergio Borgia

"Tony, Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a wonderful experience "Ready Aim Firearms Safety" provided to me, my family and friends.  The lessons (both restricted and non-restricted) were taught by your instructor Soren Madsen.  He was amazing.  Very knowledgeable and made the class fun.  

We learned so much in the two days.  For the first time in my life I feel comfortable around guns, thanks to your course.  I took this course with my two sons and a friend with the hopes of getting a strong base in the proper safety and handling of both non restricted and restricted guns, so we could start to target shoot and skeet shoot.  We all left Sunday afternoon with a wealth of knowledge.  

We all did very well on our tests, both written and practical thanks to Soren`s ability to teach the "ACTS & PROVE" and make the classes exciting.  Thank you again, Mark Secord"


Mark Secord

"Tony`s experience was the single biggest factor in deciding to trust your firm with our firearm education.  Tony`s background (33 years in law enforcement, the former Deputy Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario and past Executive Manager of the FSESO program), must certainly be unmatched.  His clear and thorough teaching style was fantastic.  We also appreciated the fact that you were a full time school with your own facilities with a wide range of instruction dates available.  As a family with no gun experience, my wife, daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  There was plently of opportunity to handle each of the weapon types.  Tony was calm, encouraging and friendly, helping complete novices understand how to safely handle these weapons.  I would strongly recommend anyone carefuly shopping for the best to go with Tony and his team.  Sincerely, Bill L."



"Hi Tony and Bruna,

I wanted to tell you how much all three of us enjoyed the course on Saturday.  You are a really good trainer Tony - knowledgeable, interesting and able to get people to remember what you said.  So thanks for a great training session!

All the best,

Marlene O`Brien



Marlene O`Brien

" "



" Hi Tony, I wanted to follow up with you and tell you how amazing I thought your organization was.  I was really impressed with you as a teacher and with the course in general.  I commented to my brother that I don`t think there could have been a better experience with regards to learning the material."


Dustin Kroft

" As the years pass by I know that inevitably I will inherit my father`s guns.  When I was younger my father taught me his version of safe handling but I have not been around guns for many years (decades).  I took the Ready Aim Firearms safety course so that when the time comes I will have the knowledge and experience to handle the guns and teach my own children.  I bought the manuals and read through them thinking that I would challenge the exam but after speaking with Bruna, I decided to invest the time by attending the classes.  The classes prooved to be invaluable for the hands on experience, with Tony providing guidance for safe handling and answering questions.  In turn, the information was much easier to comprehend and retain from Tony`s lessons versus merely attempting to remember what was written in the book.  I feel the classroom experience provides a much more robust experience which I enjoyed and highly recommend.  Thanks Tony!



Troy Holmes

"Just wanted to say that I had such a wonderful experience over the week-end with the Non-Restricted and Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Courses.  I went in knowing next to nothing about guns and wound up scoring 100% over all four parts!  My instructor, John Herd was fabulous - patient and engaging.  I`m thrilled with the whole process.  Thank You!!!"


Shannon Viljasoo

"A big thank you to Soren Madsen at Ready Aim Firearms Safety!  I was a little intimidated during the first class as I was one out of only two girls in the course. Soren was very patient and gave us lots of hands on time with the firearms during both the non-restricted and the restricted courses.  Soren`s real life experiences were also great to hear - it drives in how important firearms safety really is.

Thank you to Tony and Bruna as well - overall it was a great course.  I am confident that anyone I meet with their licence from Ready Aim Firearms will know their ACTS and PROVE inside out!

Lindsey Weese"


Lindsey Weese

"Tony & Bruna, thank you so much for the week-end course.  It was a big success with the guys and myself and I just wanted to thank you both, as well as John Herd, for providing an excellent course and experience.  "


May Bachraty

" Hi Tony,

I wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the course experience this week-end.  It was really excellent.  You presented the firearms safety material in a way that was engaging and you paced the course really well.  The same goes for Justin.  The material in the hunter education course, in the wrong hands, could have been drier than 3 boxes of saltines with a gin chaser.  I will definitely be telling others about the experience I had.  It was so nice to meet you and Bruna.  You both seem like awesome people, it was no problem at all to give up a week end of my time for such a positive experience.  I`ll be looking forward to updates on the range construction and will be back to do the restricted course somewhere down the road.

Thanks again Tony,




"Hi Tony, just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your two classes during the last week of March.  In the flying business, we regularly attend classroom training; much of which can be rather monotonous.  I have to say the time in your course just flew by.  You keep a good pace and made it all very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyable.  Overall it was an excellent prep for the tests and a great start for someone attending a range for their first time.  I look forward to completing the application process and fully intend to apply for membership at your planned range.  Thanks again, Mike McErlain"


Mike McErlain

"I took both the Canadian Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms Safety Training courses a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome learning experience. I`ve told everyone in my Police Foundations class about your great courses and I`m positive that you will see some of them in the future!"



" Hi Tony and Bruna.  .Just a quick note to thank you for a great two days..... you have quite the course and we both enjoyed it. It was very interesting, informative and well run. The fact you had individuals come back after a year to take the Restricted course says a lot."


Ian Fong

"Hello Tony, Just wanted to let you know that my application for a firearms licence has been accepted!  I am just waiting for my card to arrive in the mail.  I`ve told some class mates about your training courses and you should have a couple coming your way in the coming months.  I also referred you to my Police Foundations teacher who may send people your wayin the future also.  Thank you for the great learning experience!  Best of luck in the future and feel free to contact me when you get the range open!  I`d love to get a membership when you get things up and running. "


Matthew Augustine

" Good morning, just got my hunting licence and tags but unfortunately some work problems have prevented me from going on my first deer hunt with the in-laws.  Just wanted to again thank you for walking me through the two courses.  You are a great teacher....BTW when is the shooting range opening?"


Ben Turcotte

"Hi Tony,  I took the Hunter Education course yesterday and I wanted to share with you that Andy Dennis was outstsnding.  I have attended a great deal of training over the years, both personal and corporate and I can confidently state Andy is one of the best trainers I have ever seen.  He was engaging, knowledgeable and possesses excellent communication skills.  Best regards,  Len Carter"


Len Carter

"Hi Tony and Bruna, this is just a short testimonial you may want to use for your website...My wife and I attended both the non-restricted gun course and the hunting course.  We were both absolute novices with no experience. We were not sure what to expect.  We were so happy to find the course material was excellent and the teaching was not only thorough and detailed but was presented in a way that was engaging, easy to understand, practical and entertaining.  10 hours flew bye and we can not thank you enough!"


Robert Dunford

" I just completed my course for firearms training.  It was a great experience and I believe that all credit should go to my instructor, Justin Frye.  After all, he is the face of your school to people who come into class and he far exceeded my expectations and actually TAUGHT the course instead of reading from slides.  I truly cannot stress enough how great Justin was and he left me feeling as if I have made some new connections in the firearms area. "


Murtaza Shah

" Justin, I just wanted to thank you again for the great training day yesterday.  Your approach to teaching the course made the day a very enjoyable learning experience.  I greatly appreciate you taking some extra time to speak with my son Jack (Junior).  Hearing words of encouragement from someone like yourself with such as amazing career in the military and law enforcement is worth its weight in gold.  We hope to see you again.  Best regards."


Mark Linton

" I took the non-restricted and restricted courses at Ready Aim and really enjoyed the week-end.  Tony and Bruna do a wonderful job of making you feel welcome and comfortable.  The level of professionalism is second to none, with great preparation and learning for the exams.  I didn`t have a lot of experience with firearms but now have the confidence and knowledge to handle many.  If you are looking to take a firearms course then Ready Aim is the place to do it.  A big thanks to the Ready Aim Team and I would recommend this to anyone!.  Craig Atherton - Toronto"


Craig Atherton

"Good Morning Tony, Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the amazing courses that we did this week-end. Both my brother and I, after taking your courses feel that we left armed with a load of knowledge, confidence and respect for hunting.  You have amazing instructors.  Thery are very knowledgeable, easy to listen to.  They make the course interesting.  Jason, Justin and Andy - Gentlemen, GREAT JOB!  Thank you very much, I would recommend Ready Aim Firearms Safety tyo anyone who wants to get into firearms and hunting.  Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving Weekend, Craig and Corey Hart  "


Craig Hart

"Tony and Bruna, I would like to take the time to write about what an absolute pleasure it was to take the non-restricted safety course with Jason Frye. The way he taught, with his real life stories made the whole day interesting and it defintely didn`t feel lioke a long day because he kept things interesting.  The fact that he has so much experience made everything he had to say very genuine.  Hopefully, I get a chance to take another course with him and now I am looking even more forward to the other courses I`m taking.  Thanks again, see you soon.  Best regards Mike Zlatar. "


Michael Zlatar

"Hi Tony and Bruna, a quick note to provide you with some feedback on the CFSC/CRFSC that i took over the week-end past with Jason Frye.  I have to say that Jason was an absolutely fantastic instructor.  He delivered the lesson in a clear, concise manner.  He was never in a rush to move on, giving people plenty of time to process the information and ask questions.  This is something that I am sure the entire class appreciated, especially since learning about firearms safety can be intimidating for some people.  Jason is a very personable individual who also has a lot of experience which he used to elaborate on points of the training where he could.  Jason was just awesome.  Your facilities were easy to find, clean and having access to a refridgerator and microwave oven was a nice bonus!"


Paul Tieken

"Hi Tony, 

Recently, I attended your non-restricted and restricted gun licence course and I found the courses very informative.  I enjoyed how you were able to professionally engage the various styles and experience levels of students in the course while making the content interesting and stimulating.


Russell Knight


Russell Knight


I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the Non-Restricted Firearms Course from Ready Aim.
Your background in law enforcement and also as Deputy Chief Firearms Officer for Ontario was clearly evident throughout the day. Your emphasis on safety was reinforced time and time again. I appreciated your outstanding teaching and communications skills as you went through all the required Handbook material and even more so  the practical safe handling of non-restricted firearms.
While my sons are avid firearms owners and hunters, I personally had very little experience with firearms. Your course took me from being a "novice" to being informed and also comfortable too safely handle non- restricted firearms. 
Simply an outstanding day and a great experience.
Thanks Tony.
Sincerely Laurence


Lawrence WRAGG

"Dear Tony, Just wanted to reiterate my thanks for a great learning experience.  As a novice firearms handler, I came away from completing both CFSC and CRFSC courses feeling confident that I too can readily handle rilfes, shotguns and hadguns within the prescribed regulations and use firearms with proper care while always mindful of safety.  I look forward to completing the Hunting Course in February.  All the best!"


Eduardo Baer

" I just wanted to write to say thank you for the brilliant Combination Course that you provided to me this Labour Day week-end.  It was very informative and a pleasure to atttend.  I look forward to putting everything you taught me to good use in the future.  Let me know when you get your range up and running, I will certainly see about signin up when you do. "


Adam Blair

" I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in your class this past week-end.  You truly are a standout instructor.  Your evident dedication to firearm safety and diligence in imparting this knowledge to your students is commendable.  I especially liked how you provided real-life examples (some of which were firsthand) that made the material even more relevant.  The atmosphere of the class was very open and relaxed which made for a great learning environment.  The fact that you took the time to answer all of the many questions we had was much appreciated.  I look forward to taking more classes in the future!"


Michael MacGillivray

"I would like to take this time to comment on my recent successful completion of the Firearms Safety Course.  My Instructor was Justin FRYE and I would like to say that he was one of the nicest individuals I have ever met.  The first day I arrived to class I was very nervous but Justin made everyone comfortable and displayed integrity and respect for all students in the class, including myself.  I could not have guessed that Justin was a Police Officer.  I had a great time learning in the classroom with the other students.  I will definitely recommend this institution to anyone I know looking to obtain a firearms licence.  Personally, I will recommend Justin FRYE.  Thank you for providing a great learning environment! "


Mohsin Malik

" "


Mark F

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