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Are you stuck with Grampa`s gun collection and don`t know what to do with them?  Do you have firearms in your home that you no longer have use for, but don`t have the time or desire to take two days worth of training?  Are you simply looking for CASH?  Don`t worry, we have a perfectly legal solution to your situation! 

You likely know that in order to own firearms in Canada, you must have a firearms licence. Sometimes however, you may find yourself in possession of firearms that you never planned on having.  For instance, a family member or friend who lawfully owns guns has passed away and they leave you in charge of their estate.  What do you do with the guns?  We bet you didn`t know that as the Executor of an estate you are automatically in lawfull possession of any firearms that were lawfully owned by the deceased person.  The lawful authority is called possession by "Operation of Law".  You don`t need a firearms licence in the short term to keep the estate guns!  You must however, either get a firearms licence for yourself in order to keep the guns, or else you must dispose of them within a "reasonable" time, to somebody who can lawfully have them. 

Here`s where we come in!
 Ready Aim Firearms Safety Inc. is always looking for good used firearms that can be disabled and turned into training guns.

Don`t turn your unwanted firearms in to the authorities for destruction!  Don`t let the Police take them away from you!  Don`t let them linger unwanted in your home .... call Tony today at 905.833.6467 and he will turn them into cash!  Your Grandpa would be proud to know his guns are in good hands!

You will be happy to have some extra $$$$$   Just like that guy on TV says, "OOOOOH YA!!!!"

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